The Rock (Michael Ketterer Album)

The Rock

He’s the Rock that’s immovable the Hope we’ve been lookin for,
when I’m feelin unsafe and unsure in these days
I’m gonna be dippin low, dippin low takin the humble road,
leaning on I’m leaning on the love that I know He holds.

His ways are unsearchable so I don’t rely on my own thoughts
This weak heart needs the Rock
hold on, hold on and don’t lose heart
Stand strong in the Lord and when all goes wrong,
Remember the Rock from which you were brought and so I’ve been taught.

Who am I gonna fear the Lord is my light and the strength of my life,
I trust in the Lord and in the power of His might.
I lift my eyes let faith arise my Lord my God is on my side,
I hold to this I cling to Him
These trials that come all pale to Him.

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