Kingdom Come Lyrics

Let Your Kingdom come, echo (4X)

Verse 1:
Dominion belongs to the only One found worthy
Ruler of the earth we prepare Your returnin
Take me break me ’til Christ is revealed in me
Mold me shape me ’til Your likeness is seen in me
No longer I but it’s Christ that be living in me
Shake this vessel ’til only Christ is what’s left in me
Purge me with fire consume all my desires til sin has expired
Your Kingdom remaining only what a glorious retire

Let Your Kingdom come, echo (4X)
Shake everything that can be shaken (4X)
‘Til Your Kingdom remains, echo (4X) and it remains

Immovable, Unshakable (4X)

Verse 2:
My foundations are laid with an unshakable cornerstone
Immovable Kingdom with Christ on the throne
We say come Lord Jesus we believe in Your destiny
Find faith in me awake and walking steady
Sanctify me to be holy as I’m meant to be
In the day of Your wrath we’ll agree with your remedy
Purge the earth ’til it’s consumed in Your fire sinful passions have expired
Your Kingdom remaining only and our King is a Lion



Establish my heart in the faith, echo, Root me and ground me in love, echo (2X)
Hoping I believe, Trusting I stand (4X)
I stand

Hook: (2X)