J.MayJ.May is a rap artist with a desire to live a lifestyle of wholehearted pursuit for Jesus. He is a seeker of the ways of God, longing to learn the truth of the Word and rightly articulate what God has disclosed. J.May holds to the truth that Jesus is the Christ among a culture that questions and denies Jesus’ divinity, and he is set for the defense of the gospel. He carries a burning desire to see an awakening in his generation and to be a living intercessor who delivers God’s heart to His people.

Born in Martinsburg, WV, he┬ámoved to Columbus, OH to attend Rod Parsley’s World Harvest Bible College. From there he moved to Alabama with Eddie James Ministries (EJM) and directed the dance team eXcaliber for 4 years along with the Ramp, (Karen Wheaton) and their dance team, Chosen.

He currently lives in Kansas City, MO with his wife Joanna, and 3 sons and attends the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC)‘s Forerunner Christian Fellowship (Mike Bickle).