The Throne (single) Released on iTunes

When I started working on this song, The Throne, it began developing in my mind as Heaven’s Anthem. In this generation, their “anthems” are popular chart-topping hits with lyrics that don’t mean anything, when right now in heaven there’s a song being sung, a crescendo of sound, light, worship and adoration going on around the throne. No matter how good of a night tonight is gonna be, there’s a party going on in heaven that just can’t be compared to, and it’s eternal.

This song was inspired by Revelation 4 and 5 and the scene in heaven around the throne. As I meditated on these chapters, I wanted to articulate what John was seeing. Something that was reality to Him. Revelation 4 is what happens 24/7 in heaven. There’s worship that’s unending, glory that can’t be comprehended or even articulated rightly. That’s why John has to keep saying “like” and “as” when he’s trying to articulate what he’s seeing; There’s no way he can explain it in human words. The beauty of the Lord’s appearance on the throne is a glory that we can’t fathom or understand, but we can get a glimpse and see what John saw. When the song gets to Revelation 5, I believe the scene in heaven begins to come to earth. When Jesus takes the scroll (the title deed of the earth) and begins to loose the seals in preparation for His return, there’s going to be a party that begins to break out all over the earth; the church will be overwhelmed with joy in anticipation of seeing the one they love and knowing that He is returning for His bride. As young people begin to look on this scene, they will become totally fascinated with Jesus, with His reality which will soon be ours, with the scene of His majesty on display and His holiness striking like lightning and cracking like thunder.

My heart for writing and creating songs like these is more than Christian rap about Jesus, it’s worship to Jesus, songs that put who He is on display. More than just about Him, it’s for Him, to Him and through Him.


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The Throne was produced by Tyler England, who is currently the music director for The Ramp. The song features Nathan Prior, who was the lead producer of my EP “Conflict”.