God Loves Mercy

God Loves Mercy

I’ve been trying my best to walk with the Lord for 8 years now and there are so many times when I felt like I missed it, like I had been disqualified. I remember how hard I fell when I was 21 years old. The reason I call it a fall and not a stumble is because I let condemnation creep in and push me away from God. I felt like I had failed Him and that I was too messed up for Him to even listen to my prayers. But that’s because I didn’t know Him and how He relates to humans. He knows we’re not perfect, He knows that we’re weak, He knows we’re going to struggle and mess up. “BUT WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS CHRIST DIED FOR US.” While we were His enemies and hated God, Jesus came and died for us. How much more confidence should we have now when we are in Christ and at least trying to live for Him?

If I would have really, in my heart, understood that He loves mercy and was just waiting for me to ask for it, then I would have had a completely different life in God as a young believer. The thing about my generation is that we are wholehearted, passionate lovers. When we are seeking God, we give it everything, but with one mistake or trip up we get discouraged and disheartened. If we don’t know God and the fact that He absolutely loves us even in our weakness, then we will give up. We’ll give in to shame and condemnation, which is demonically fueled, and actually run from God instead of to God. If we give in to this, we step into religious pride by saying, “What I’ve done is too big for God’s mercy, even God can’t forgive this.” You may not say it out loud but it’s what your actions indicate. God is inexhaustible, you can’t do anything too big or TOO OFTEN that He can’t cover. There is no end to His supply of mercy, you can’t use it up and run out of mercy, He always has more.

God is crying out for us; the backsliders, the discouraged Christians, the ones who really want to live for Him but can’t find the strength or confidence. He wants us to BELIEVE!!! To believe in His mercy and trust in His love. I’m telling you, in that very place you’re at right now, whatever the situation, I guarantee if you would just believe in His mercy for a moment, and ask Him to forgive you, HIS PRESENCE WILL FLOOD YOUR HEART!!!! Put my words to the test. Anybody who has ever fought to live holy can testify that after you’ve done something stupid His Spirit always touches you RIGHT AFTER you’ve done it. He’s trying to let us know, “I know you’re weak, I know you better than you know you, but don’t give up, you’re not alone, I AM FOR YOU, I’m not against you, RUN TO ME AND EXPERIENCE REAL LOVE, unconditional, not based on your struggles and weaknesses, IT IS WHO I AM.”

You can do it because God is in your corner…
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  1. God bless you brother,

    My name is Emmanuel and I feel you on God’s mercy. The Lord has been speaking to me since I began to have a relationship with Him about mercy. It is a constant struggle within ourselves to be merciful, but thank the Lord we have Him to show us and to lead us by example. Praise be to the Lord for his mercy endures forever!

    I like you have fallen many times but even in my worst the Lord has called me out with his everlasting mercy and just brought me back with love instead of lashing out on me with my deserved discipline. It is all about his love and his blood that he shed on the cross that is the ultimate show of love. God sees us through the blood of Jesus. Whenever we fall or fail, Satan is quick to judge us and accuse us. But we have one Mediator and his name is Jesus Christ. Jesus covers us with the blood he shed. With that redemptive blood we were washed once and for all (Hebrews 8-10). Let the lies of Satan be under our feet and the truth that is God’s love covers a multitude of sin be instilled in out hearts! We are his children and our daddy loves us!

    God bless you and your ministry brother. You have a heart for God. Your lyrics seek to glorify him and not man.

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